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Welcome to Love Resurrected, the Hohenheim x Sloth Community on Livejournal.

Some things about the community, including some general guidelines
  • This is a community for fanfiction, fanart, and even essays/written thoughts about the Fullmetal Alchemist HohenheimxSloth.
  • Until there is a HohenheimxTrisha community, it is also allowed on this community.
  • All ratings from G to NC-17 are welcome. Please friendslock your NC-17 stories and art.
  • Please respect everybody in the community. This means don't be rude, or flame, or tear anybody appart. No sporking on spork communities.
  • People like comments.
    # Please post fanart and fanfiction under a cut! Some people have such things as 56k modems and internet access on the job. Not that you should be visiting livejournal at work or anything.
    # When you want to post fanfiction or fanart, please indicate the rating, any warnings and in the case of fanfiction, the genre. Titles and word length are also good things
    # Please no heavy bashings of other people's favorite characters or pairings. We all have our own opinions!
    As long as you go by these basic suggestions, it's all good.

    Hope you enjoy the community and have some fun.

    Please use this format for your stories/art:

    Word Count:

    Please also title your entries either FIC or ART, then list the pairing. Thank you.

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